About ADT


ADT (Advanced Delivery Technology Co., Ltd.) started with a small group of engineers and technologists with Ph.D. degrees from National Chiao Tung University, looking to enable scientific discovery through innovative technology. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of basic science exploration and enabling bench to bedside translation. We hope to provide you with innovative solution of “Micro-Nano Encapsulatied Technology“”to serve your research and business needs.

Our goal is to bring to market the biomedical material technology that provides you customized and professional products and services for your commercialized health-care and biomedical business. Our patent “Micro-Nano Encapsulatied Technology”utilizes innovative technologies to market faster than you might expect and can be used in the field of “Skin Care Product”, “Functional Food”, “Agricultural Development”, and “Biomedical Industry”.

Most importantly, in addition to be dedicated to pursuing innovative research solutions, ADT is continually striving for creating our own brand of biomedical and health-care products. We endeavor to push the boundary of what is possible that makes our “Made-in-Taiwan” products be recognized with high reputation all over the world.