Supply of semi-finished products

Skin-care series

A. Basic moisturizer

The moisturizing capacity of Chitosonic acid is about two times as much as Hyaluronic acid. The small molecules of Chitosonic acid can form nano-scale aqueous micelles with water and then directly enter deep layers of skin as an excellent moisturizer.

B. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkling

Chitosonic acid is a special antioxidant with excellent skin affinity that can help the skin resistant to environmental pollution, facilitate smoothing fine wrinkles, and revitalize the aging skin.

C. Herbal essence

Chitosonic acid can be used as a carrier that effectively encapsulates the essence of natural herbs to extend their duration of efficacy. Small molecules encapsulated by Chitosonic acid can be delivered into deep layers of skin and released for better absorption that encourages the functions.

D. Whitening and revitalizing

Chitosonic acid can effectively encapsulate whitening ingredients such as vitamin C or Tranexamic acid etc. that extends the duration of efficacy. Whitening molecules encapsulated by Chitosonic acid can be delivered into deep layers of skin and released for better absorption that encourages the whitening effect.

E. Post-surgical care

The Chitosonic acid is characterized as weakly acid (pH~5.5), very close to human skin and meets high-safety standards in medical cosmetology. Combing its antioxidant power with other growth factors, Chitosonic acid can be help to activate fibroblast.

F. Aromatherapy

Chitosonic acid can encapsulate essential oil to make it soluble in water as well as to extend the duration of aroma release up to four times longer.

G. Peptide growth factor

Peptides are distinguished from proteins on the basis of size, typically containing fewer than fifty amino acids. However, the raw polypeptides are unstable and uneasy to preserve. The polypeptides encapsulated by Chitosonic acid are much more stable and in consequence their functional efficacy can be maximized.

Cosmetics series

A. BB lotion B. Sunscreen C. Make-up remover D. Lip care/lip gloss/lipstick

Chitosonic acid can provide extra moisturization and remove excessive facial grease to make your make-up more attached. Chitosonic acid can also help your skin more resistance. Making up with cosmetics added with Chitosonic acid just guarantees you extra facial protection.

Hair-care series

A. Shampoo B. Conditioner C. Repairing cream

Chitosonic acid is positively charged that can effectively smooth the wool lamella of the hair. Moreover, Chitosonic acid is also a good carrier that can encapsulate amino acids and nutrients necessary for healthy and beautiful hairs.

Baby series

A. Body wash B. Shampoo C. Lotion

Chitosonic acid has been characterized as weakly acid, antioxidant, and meets the high-safety standard in biomedical cosmetology, most suitable for applications in baby care.

Feminine care series

Chitosonic acid is weakly acid, antioxidant that is excellent to be used in cleansers for feminine care.

Cleanser seriesfacial cleanser, make-up remover, and anti-acne gel.
Body shaper seriesfacial mask and body shaping cream