R&D Service

Peptide, Protein Encapsulated Technology

Our encapsulation technology (AC-SAC) can enhance the peptide or protein molecules with long-term activation. These encapsulated molecules have good dispersion, enhanced solubility, and improved bioavailability.

Anti-adhesion Dressing Materials

Smart dressing materials shows a lot of advantages: antibiotic properties that prevent wound infection, wetting and breathable environment that help the wound healing, anti-adhesion functions that avoid secondary damages, and controlled drug release that gives effective treatment.

Hydrophobic Matter Drink

Hydrophobic substances such as β-carotene, Vitamin A, D, E, Q10, and fish-oil etc can be loaded into microcapsules and then be dissolved in the aqueous environment to become drink-kind products for children or old people who have difficulty in swallowing.

Drug Carrier

We developed a type of microcapsule with aggregation of micro-hollow structures that can effectively encapsulate the drug molecules and control the release with appropriate dose.

Encapsulation Substance Development

Polyphenols and flavonoids

The polyphenols and flavonoids both show good antioxidant properties to clean the free radicals in human body. Through encapsulating in micro-capsules, they can be protected from degradation caused by heat, light, or air.

Enzyme(e.g., Nattokinase)

Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of chemical interconversions that sustain life. They are highly selective catalysts, greatly accelerating both the rate and specificity of metabolic reactions in human body. Being encapsulated in microcapsules, they can be protected from degradation caused by heat, light, or air.

Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic vitamins

Human needs to absorb hydrophilic vitamins, e.g., vitamin B complex and vitamin C daily because they are easy excreted out of the body. Through being encapsulated in micro-capsules, vitamins can be protected and enhanced the with bioavailability. In consequence, it is successfully designed to improve the aqueous solubility for hydrophobic vitamins with encapsulation in microcapsules.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Herb extract

Being encapsulated in microcapsules, Traditional Chinese medicine and Herb extract can be protected from degradation caused by heat, light, or air, and in consequence, the absorption rate of their active ingredients can be largely enhanced.

Essential oils

Being encapsulated in microcapsules, the essential oil can be slowly released and thus the evaporated time will be prolonged. Furthermore, encapsulated molecules can also be more easily absorbed through mucous membrane and skin.

Genetic Engineering

Our unique hollow structured microcapsules can be designed and used as carriers to deliver the DNA or SiDNA into specific receptor cells.

OEM Service

Flow chart of our OEM service

Discussion with Customer

Pilot Run
(Sample Production)

Batch Production

Food Processing

Chemical Material OEM Service

Biomedical Material Supply

  • Grain pulverization and processing
  • Vacuum drying and preservation for vegetables and fruits
  • Honey concentration
  • Fructose concentration
  • Spray drying service
  • Sample production of food materials
  • Batch heat mixing production service
  • Batch powder-liquid mixing production service
  • Material low-temperature drying service
  • Material vacuum drying service
  • Material pulverization service
  • Chemical material purifying service
  • Raw-material-to-product whole-factory planning service
  • Chemical material sample production service
  • Chitosonic acids supply
  • Nano-carrier encapsulation material supply and service
  • ADT care-series supply and sales
  • Wound dressing material and product supply and sales
  • Antibacterial/bacteriostatic and moisturizing material supply
  • Chinese herbal extraction/concentration
    pulverization all-in-one processing service
  • Biomedical material sample production service