Research & Manufacture

Research Facility and Equipments

ADT equips with micro/nano biomaterial research facilities with which our professional R&D team will provide you services of lab experiments and small-batch production.

1. Precision Electronics

Weighing scales to 10^-4 g

2. Electronic Balance

Weighing scales to 10^-2 g ~ 3*10^3 g

3. Magnetic Stirrer with

The emulsification temperature can be set precisely to simplify the making process and provide better oil-water mixtures.

4. Two-stage mixer

The two-stage mixer provides two speed settings and different blades can be switched to provide different shear/cutting forces.

5. Post-Mounted Laboratory

The Post-Mounted Laboratory Homogenizer with different blades can produce smaller emulsified particles.

6. Thermostat Oven

The thermostat system provides stable temperature-controlled environment to accelerate the experimental outcome.

7. Brookfield Viscometer

The viscometer provides different rotation speeds (0.3 ~ 100rpm) for measuring a variety of finished viscosities.

8. pH Meter

Precise determination of pH value.