Chitosonic Acid

Revolutionary biomedical material – Chitosonic® Acid

Using advanced and innovative nano-technology, we re-structure the natural organic polymers to successfully produce a new revolutionary biomedical material – Chitosonic® Acid, which can be used in medical cosmetic treatment, wound dressing, and tissue engineering, etc.

Chitosonic® Acid has been approved as a new chemical ingredient for cosmetics by Personal Care Products Council, USA in December 2011.
TRADE Name:Chitosonic Acid (CA)
INCI Name:Carboxymethyl Caprooyl Chitosan

Six major functions of Chitosonic Acid

Advantages over other cosmetic materials

1.Ability of moisturizing and water capturing is twice as much as HA

Extensive tests of water absorption and dehydration approve that Chitosonic Acid’s moisturizing capacity is twice as much as HA.

2.Excellent skin permeability

Both macromolecular and small-molecular structures co-exist in Chitosonic acid that forms two types of water capturing structures over the skin surface.
Macromolecular structure:Form 3D reticular water capturing layers to prevent water loss
Small-molecular structure:Form aqueous nano-cells carrying water to deliver effective factors into inner skin layers to enhance the support of skin structures.

3.Anti-Oxidation ability

The ability of anti-oxidation is increased with the concentration of Chitosonic acid

4.Anti-bacteria ability

According to the JIS Z2801, Chitosonic acid has excellent anti-bacterial ability in 2% concentration. The positive-charged Chitosonic acids neutralize the negative-charged bacterial cells to effectively kill the bacteria.

Attachment:【inspection report.pdf】

5.High Biocompatibility

Chitosonic acid has great cellular affinity for cell regeneration function.

6.High safety in medical cosmetology level

Chitosonic acid had passed several high-standard safety tests including the medical cosmetological tests in Taiwan and USA.。