Chitosonic Acid

Self-Assembly Capsule, AC-SAC®

Using specialized biotechnological processes, we re-engineer natural polymers into bio-carrier material (AC-SAC®) with high solubility, absorption, and efficiency, which can be easily bound to body nutrients, enzymes, peptides, and various drug molecules that facilitates their primary functions and thus can be widely applied in food, cosmetic, and biomedical fields.

The Formation mechanisms of AC-SAC®

Comparison between the pre- and post-encapsulation


Effective components would easily degrade and lose its activity caused by sunlight, air, and free radicals. Those components may not be easily absorbed in human body, and also have unpleasant odors which are difficult to be removed.


Effective components are fully preserved through encapsulation that can greatly extend the duration of their efficacy and are more easily to be absorbed in the human body.

Advantages of AC-SAC®

1.Eliminate unpleasant flavors

The patent AC-SAC® encapsulation can effectively eliminate unpleasant flavors or odors, such as bitterness and fishy taste. For example, most protein products (ex.collagen protein) often have fishy taste that would reduce consumers' purchase motivation. Through our specialized AC-SAC® encapsulation, the hydrophobic peptide side-chains in AC-SAC can bind with protein that shields off the fishy taste. Moreover, AC-SAC encapsulation can also eliminate the special flavors and/or bitterness of herbs that can greatly increase the product value and are more acceptable to consumers.

2.Greatly increase the water-oil solubility

Fat-soluble ingredients are hard to be dissolved in water. It makes preservation a difficult task and thus increases the production cost. AC-SAC® can not only be dissolved in neutral solutions, but also keeps good affinity to both hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances. AC-SAC® encapsulation increases the dissolubility of effective components that can be widely applied in, for example, the development of fat-soluble vitamin drinks.

A case study of encapsulation for Essential Oil: Under the same test conditions, the essential oil pre-encapsulated by AC-SAC® can only release its fragrance for about a week, while the post-encapsulated one can release fragrance for a month.

3.Facilitate efficacy; Extend preservation period

AC-SAC® has good hollow structures that can protect active components from degrading. Through AC-SAC® encapsulation, the encapsulated substances can be stabilized and prevented from degradation caused by the exposure to air, sunlight, heat, or enzymes etc. Encapsulation demands: deoxyarbutin, nattokinase, Vit.C, and peptides.

A case study of encapsulation for peptides: After encapsulation, the peptides will be uniformly distributed and thus the efficacy duration will be largely extened.

4.Effectively raise the absorption rates through mucous membrane and skin

AC-SAC® has very good affinity to the mucous membrane and can facilitate opening the cellular bonding proteins (Tight-Junction). Therefore with AC-SAC® encapsulation, the encapsulated effective substances can be easily absorbed in vivo through the mucous membrane that further maximizes the functions of the encapsulated products.

5.Excellent Drug Delivery System

AC-SAC® is an excellent drug delivery system (drug carrier). The core-shell/capsule structure of AC-SAC® has high encapsulation capacity that can be used to regulate the release of drugs, active components, and gene substances. The advantage of drug delivery system over the traditional drug is its capability of encapsulating the drug to extend and regulate the duration of in vivo intake. It can also be further applied in the target therapy that can reduce the number of times of drug administration, facilitate its efficacy, and largely reduce side effects.